The seed potato branch of Grasheim fulfills all the requirements of a modern propagation organisation company, especially in the area of phytosanitary regulations. From November until May, they handle the loadings for Germany as well as for exports.
Throughout the entire year, our propagation areas are supervised by qualified outdoor staff.
The diversity of varieties comprises more than 80 varieties  of German as well as foreign growers. Our strengths are reliability, flexibility, the large diversity of varieties, and our high quality standard.

The Grasheim branch is also the registered office of a company of the Dittenhauser group,
Johann Dittenhauser Agrarhandel. Here, we offer our farmers the entire range of agricultural inputs and market all types of grain.


Agropa Handels GmbH
Schrobenhausener Straße 111
D-86668 Grasheim

Contact person

Mr Gerhard Dittenhauser
Phone: +49(0)8454 / 9908-14
Fax: +49(0)8454 / 9908-20