Agropa Handels GmbH is a company of Dittenhauser Agrar GmbH

The range of services offered by Agropa Handels GmbH comprises the acquisition, storage, processing, packaging, and distribution of potatoes, onions, and other agricultural products.

We combine market presence and a comprehensive range of products with quality-orientated production by means of contract cultivation and flexibility. Small packages are delivered to the food retail trade mainly from our Brunnen branch. We can supply any modern packaging materials. For that, we have got our own fleet of vehicles at our disposal.
We supply potatoes to the processing industry, where they are processed further into chips, crisps, peeled potatoes, and dumpling dough with all established types of processing.

Our distribution office in Straubing is your point of contact for exports. Ask them about red-skinned potatoes and large calibres as well. We are one of the largest propagation organisation companies in Germany.
Thanks to our large range of varieties and our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to put together both uniform
(e.g. levelled FIBCs) as well as combined consignments and to deliver them to you within a very short time.